A morbidly or super obese patient may present a number of challenges during and after surgery. A morbidly or super obese patient is at increased risk for positioning injuries when undergoing a procedure in the dorsal lithotomy position.

Patient selection: morbidly obese (BMI 40 to 49.9 kg per sq meter) or super obese (BMI >= 50 kg per sq m)


Position: dorsal lithotomy


Risk mitigation:

(1) use of a bariatric operating table

(2) use of bariatric transfer devices

(3) ample padding of pressure points

(4) stirrups able to accommodate the patient's limb girth OR stirrup alternatives (padded beside tables. pneumatic patient leg lifts, padded Mayo stands)

(5) advanced planning to reduce the length of time that the patient will be positioned

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