A diabetic heel ulcer can be serious and may necessitate a below-the-knee amputation if it is not aggressively managed. The authors are from Jordan University Hospital in Amman, Jordan.


Risk factors for a diabetic heel ulcer:

(1) immobility of the lower limb (i.e., pressure ulcer)

(2) diabetic neuropathy

(3) structural deformity (Charcot joint, ankle equinus)

(4) peripheral arterial occlusive disease

(5) poor foot care

(6) failure to adequately treat lesions

(7) edema of the foot and ankle

(8) history of foot ulceration or amputation


Foot care should include:

(1) daily foot exam

(2) regular washing and skin care

(3) proper footware with pressure offloading

(4) periodic assessment of perfusion with noninvasive vascular tests


Any lesions that develop should be aaggressively managed.


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