Xue-Ping et al reported risk factors for drug-resistant epilepsy based on a meta-analysis. These can help to identify a patient who may require more complex management. The authors are from West China Hospital and Sichuan University in China.

Patient selection: drug-resistant epilepsy


Frequency: 7-20% of children and 30-40% of adults


Risk factors for drug-resistant epilepsy:

(1) abnormal EEG, with both slow wave and epileptiform discharges (RR 2.8)

(2) status epilepticus (RR 11.6)

(3) symptomatic etiology (RR 3.4)

(4) multiple seizure types (RR 3.7)

(5) febrile seizures (RR 3.4)


In addition, certain syndromes (West, Lennox-Gastraut, other) were associated with drug-resistant epilepsy.

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