Wu et al reported factors associated with the new-onset of diabetes mellitus following pancreatectomy. This can help to identify a patient who may require more aggressive management. The authors are from Royal Shore Hospital, University of Sydney and Macquarie University in Australia.

Patient selection: partial pancreatectomy, without diabetes prior to surgery


Risk factors for new-onset of diabetes mellitus:

(1) type of resection (see below)

(2) higher preoperative hemoglobin A1c

(3) fasting plasma glucose

(4) smaller functional pancreatic remnant (lower volume of functional pancreatic tissue, status post chronic pancreatitis)


Type of resection:

(1) pancreaticoduodenectomy: 9 to 24%

(2) distal pancreatectomy: 3 to 40%

(3) central pancreatectomy: 0 to 14%


The onset of diabetes may be delayed, so continued monitoring is recommended.

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