Wu et al identified factors associated with the need for early redialysis in a postoperative patient who has been weaned from acute renal replacement therapy. These can help identify a patient who may benefit from closer monitoring and more aggressive management. The authors are from the National Taiwan University Surgical ICU Acute Renal Failure Group (NSARF).


Patient selection:

(1) postoperative patient requiring acute renal replacement therapy in the ICU

(2) weaned for at least 5 days


Criteria for early redialysis: within 30 days of weaning


Risk factors for requiring early redialysis:

(1) age of the patient > 65 years

(2) urine output < 100 mL in 8 hours (oliguria) on the day of the last renal replacement session

(3) higher SOFA score on the day after the last renal replacement session

(4) longer duration of dialysis



• The authors refer to Day 0 and Day 1 with the risk factors. Day 0 is the day after the last session of acute renal replacement. Day 1 is day of the last session. See page 102.

• Longer duration of dialysis suggests more severe renal injury.

• In order to make this information more useful, cutoffs have been selected for the implementation based on data in Table 2 on page 104. Risk is assigned for duration of dialysis more than 14 days and SOFA score >= 10.


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