Wright et al identified risk factors for social distress in a patient with colorectal carcinoma. These can help to identify a patient who may benefit from an intervention to relieve distress. The authors are from the University of Leeds, Leeds Teaching Hospitals National Health Services Trust, St. James’s University Hospital, the University of Southampton and the National Cancer Intelligence Network in London.


Patient selection: colorectal carcinoma


Outcome: social distress as reflected in the Social Difficulties Inventory with 21 items


Risk factors for social distress:

(1) >= 3 chronic comorbid conditions

(2) unemployment

(3) recurrent, advanced stage or nontreatable cancer

(4) having a stoma

(5) age < 55 years

(6) living in a more deprived area

(7) non-White ethnicity

(8) having undergone radiation therapy

(9) being a caregiver


The risk of social distress increases with the number of risk factors.


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