Vallabh et al identified risk factors for 30-day readmission for a patient discharged on home parenteral nutrition or intravenous fluid administration. The authors are from West Virginia University and the Cleveland Clinic.


Patient selection: hospitalized patient discharged with parenteral nutrition or intravenous fluid administration


Outcome: unplanned 30-day readmission


Most readmissions were unrelated to the infusion therapy.


Risk factors for readmission by multivariate analysis:

(1) heart disease

(2) elevated white blood cell count (WBC) at discharge


Factors associated with a lower readmission rate on univariate analysis:

(1) ostomy

(2) higher volume of parenteral nutrition at discharge

(3) small bowel resection

(4) short interval between nutrition consult and discharge


About a quarter were related to the infusion therapy, with reasons for readmission including:

(1) dehydration

(2) intravenous catheter-associated infection

(3) catheter-related thrombosis

(4) hypoglycemia

(5) electrolyte abnormality


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