Turrentine et al identified risk factors for unplanned hospital readmission in elderly surgical patients. These can help to identify a patient who may benefit from more aggressive management. The authors are from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville.

Patient selection: general surgery patient >= 65 years of age


Risk factors for unplanned readmission:

(1) 30-day composition morbidity (odds ratio 5.1)

(2) reoperation (odds ratio 2.8)

(3) steroid use (odds ratio 1.4)

(4) incompetency on admission (odds ratio 1.6)

(5) fall risk at discharge (odds ratio 1.4)

(6) use of a mobility aid (odds ratio 1.3)

(7) discharged home with skilled care (odds ratio 1.2)


Factors associated with a reduced risk of readmission:

(1) new "do not resuscitate" (DNR) order (odds ratio 0.5)

(2) discharge destination other than home (odds ratio 0.8)

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