Toschlog et al characterized rural patients with recurrent admissions for trauma. These patients differ from urban trauma recividists. The authors are from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.


Demographic features (reflect features of rural populations):

(1) middle aged (often in 50's and 60's)

(2) white

(3) almost half female


Types of injury:

(1) blunt trauma is more common than penetrating trauma

(2) fall injury is common

(3) physical violence

(4) vehicular accidents (but less often than nonrecividists)

(5) burns


Risk factors:

(1) alcohol abuse

(2) substance abuse, especially cocaine (I would imagine that prescription drugs and methamphetamine would be involved)


Additional thoughts:

(1) A past history of trauma or accidents should be carefully looked for. Identification of trauma recividism depends on having an accurate past medical history. This includes records of trauma treated at local emergency or urgent care centers.

(2) Many rural people (farmers, forestry workers, etc.) have a relatively high rate of occupational accidents, even when not intoxicated.


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