Thurber and Walton listed factors which may predispose a person to feeling homesick. The authors worked in conjunction with the Council on School Health.


Risk factors for feeling homesick:

(1) young age

(2) no or little positive experience with being away from home

(3) multiple negative experiences being away from home

(4) high expectations for being homesick

(5) feel negative about the change (negative event surrounding the event, negative attitude towards the new environment, other)

(6) low perceived control

(7) anxiety and/or depression prior to the separation

(8) an insecure attachment with a primary caregiver

(9) poor coping skills to new situations

(10) one or more significant unresolved negative event(s)


Other factors that may increase the risk for homesickness:

(1) new environment alien and different from past experiences

(2) feeling alone (lack of family, friends, etc)

(3) multiple unpleasant things (food, weather, people, etc)


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