Stanmore et al identified risk factors for falls in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis. This can help to identify a patient who may benefit from an intervention to reduce risk. The authors are from the University of Manchester, Glasgow Caledonian University and Dunedin School of Medicine (New Zealand).

Patient selection: adult with RA, age 18 to 88 years


Outcome: fall during a 1 year follow-up


Risk factors for fall:

(1) history of falls in the past 12 months (multiple falls odds ratio 4.3; one fall odds ratio 3.3)

(2) swollen and tender joints in the lower extremities

(3) psychotropic medication(s)

(4) fatigue

(5) taking >= 4 types of medications


A person determined to be at risk for falls should be assessed using:

(1) the Chair Stand Test

(2) the Four-Test Balance Scale

(3) the HAQ to measure functional ability

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