A delay in the therapy of a patient with cancer may be associated with a worse outcome. Shen et al identified risk factors for a delay in starting therapy for women with cervical cancer in Taiwan. The authors are from China Medical University in Taichung, Taiwan.

Patient selection: woman with cervical cancer in Taiwan


A delay in starting conventional cancer therapy was defined as >= 4 months after the diagnosis was confirmed.


Risk factors for a delay in starting therapy:

(1) age >= 75 years of age (OR 2.4)

(2) stage IV (distant metastases; OR 2.6)

(3) severe comorbidity (Charlson Comorbidity Index >= 4)

(4) hospital type (regional, district hospital)

(5) public hospital



• The reference for hospital level was a medical center.

• The reference for hospital ownership was a private hospital.


The reasons for the delay need to be investigated.

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