An adult survivor of childhood cancer may have a poor health-related quality of life. Schulte et al identified risk factors for such a decline. The authors are from multiple institutions in Canada and the United States.

Patient selection: adult survivor of childhood cancer


Measures: Mental and Physical Components of the SF36


Risk factors for decline in the physical component:

(1) female sex (OR 1.7)

(2) family income less than $20,000 per year (OR 2.0)

(3) chronic neurologic condition (OR 2.2)

(4) chronic endocrine condition (OR 2.3)

(5) chronic GI condition (OR 1.9)

(6) chronic respiratory condition (OR 1.7)

(7) chronic cardiovascular condition (OR 1.5)

(8) depression (OR 1.8)


Risk factors for decline in mental component:

(1) unemployment (OR 1.7)

(2) current cigarette smoking (OR 2.0)

(3) depression (OR 4.3)

(4) somatization (OR 1.6)

(5) impaired task efficiency (OR 1.9)

(6) impaired organization (OR 1.7)

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