Saliba et al identified risk factors for new onset diabetes mellitus in a patient who has received a liver transplant. Many patients at risk can be identified prior to the transplant procedure. The authors are from multiple hospitals in France.


Exclusion: diabetes mellitus prior to the liver transplant


Risk factors identified in multivariate analysis:

(1) highest lifetime body mass index (BMI) > 25 kg per square meter

(2) presence of viral hepatitis C

(3) therapy with tracrolimus in a patient with a history of viral hepatitis C

(4) impaired fasting glucose prior to the transplant



• Impaired fasting glucose is defined as 2 or more fasting glucose measurements from 110 to 125 mg/dL in the absence of antidiabetic medications.

• Since body height is unlikely to change much for an adult, the highest body weight will correlate with the highest BMI.

• Viral hepatitis C was defined by the presence of specific antibodies. Viral load studies were not shown.


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