Sakka et al reported risk factors for dental implant failures. Control of risk factors may reduce the risk of implant failure. The authors are from Al-Farabi Dental College, University of Al-Baath and University of Aleppo in Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Patient selection: dental implant


Outcome: implant failure (need to remove implant)


General risk factors for implant complications:

(1) suboptimal implant design

(2) improper prosthetic construction


Risk factors for early implant failure (failure to achieve osseointegratoin):

(1) lack of primary stability

(2) surgical issues (trauma, inadequate prosthodontics, inadequate surgery)

(3) infection

(4) poor bone quality and/or quantity

(5) comorbid conditions (AIDS, uncontrolled diabetes, osteoporosis)

(6) drugs (corticosteroid therapy, bisphosphonates)

(7) smoking


Risk factors for late failure (failure to preserve osseointegration)

(1) occlusal overload

(2) peri-implantitis

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