Rossetti et al identified prognostic factors associated with death in patients with status epilepticus. These can help to identify patients who may or who may not benefit from more aggressive management. The authors are from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.


Patient selection: status epilepticus


Outcome: in-hospital death (death at discharge)


Factors associated with outcome:

(1) age >= 65 years of age

(2) consciousnessimpairment (stupor or coma) at first encounter

(3) potentially fatal etiology for the status epilepticus


Potentially fatal causes:

(1) large vessel ischemic stroke, acute (< 7 days)

(2) acute cerebral hemorrhage

(3) acute CNS infection

(4) severe systemic infection

(5) malignant brain tumor

(6) AIDS with CNS complication

(7) chronic renal insufficiency requiring dialysis

(8) systemic vasculitis

(9) metabolic disturbance with coma

(10) acute intoxication with coma

(11) eclampsia

(12) intracranial tumor surgery


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