Rasool et al reported risk factors for medication errors in a patient with chronic disorders. The authors are from multiple institutions in Pakistan and Malaysia.

Patient selection: diagnosis of one or more chronic disorders


Risk factors for medication errors:

(1) age >= 60 years (OR 1.9)

(2) overburdened healthcare system (OR 2.2; >= 20 patients per hour)

(3) number of prescribed drugs >= 5 (OR 1.7)

(4) comorbidities (OR 2.6), with increased Charlson comorbidity index

(5) multiple prescribers (OR 1.1, possibly per prescriber)

(6) trainee practitioner


Medication errors indicated:

(1) inappropriate dose

(2) invalid indication

(3) multiple drugs for the same condition (probably should be of the same class)

(4) dosing frequency too short

(5) longer duration of therapy than recommended

(6) contraindication


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