Rana et al identified risk factors for intraoperative blood transfusion for a patient undergoing liver transplantation. The amount of blood transfused during surgery is a risk factor for mortality. The authors are from University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).


Patient selection: liver transplantation


Risk factors associated with transfusion of packed RBCs during surgery:

(1) warm ischemia time in minutes

(2) total serum bilirubin in mg/dL


The lowest risk for intraoperative transfusion of packed RBCs:

(1) no prior surgery

(2) total serum bilirubin < 8 mg/dL

(3) warm ischemia time < 38 minutes


The highest odds ratios in the multivariate analysis were associated with:

(1) warm ischemia time > 46 minutes (odds ratio 7.4)

(2) total serum bilirubin > 21 mg/dL (odds ratio 3.4)

(3) history of previous surgery (associated with longer hepatectomy time)


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