Perez-Ros et al identified risk factors for falls in an older adult who is functionally-independent and community-dwelling. The authors are Universidad Catolica de Valencia San Vicente Martir, Universitat de Valencia, Hospital Clinico Universitario de Valencia and Hospital Universitario de la Ribera in Valencia, Spain.

Patient selection: age >= 70 years, community-dwelling, functionally-independent


Recurrent falls: >= 3 falls over the past 12 months


Risk factors for falls (for model 1):

(1) number of previous falls in the past 12 months

(2) therapy with an alpha-blocker


Risk factors for recurrent falls (for model 2):

(1) body mass index (BMI) >= 30 kg per square meter

(2) history of previous fracture

(3) combined use of benzodiazepines and beta-blockers


Other predictors of falls:

(1) female sex

(2) living alone or with partner

(3) hypotension or hypertension

(4) other comorbidities and/or polypharmacy

(5) hearing and/or vision problems


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