Parikh et al reported risk factors for a poor prognosis in a patient undergoing pancreatectomy. This can help identify a patient who may require more aggressive management or an alternative therapy. The authors are from Indiana University, Northwestern University, University of California Los Angeles and Washington University.

Patient selection: pancreatectomy (proximal, distal, total, enucleation)


Outcome: mortality and serious morbidity


Risk factors:

(1) age > 74 years

(2) male sex

(3) body mass index (BMI) > 40 kg per square meter

(4) preoperative sepsis

(5) dependent in functional status

(6) ASA 3, 4 or 5

(7) history of coronary artery disease

(8) dyspnea on moderate exertion

(9) bleeding disorder

(10) proximal or total pancreatectomy


The risk of poor outcome increases with the number of risk factors present.

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