O'Banion et al reported risk factors for stroke in patients following penetrating trauma to a carotid artery. These can help to identify a patient who may require a more careful neurological evaluation. The authors are from the University of California San Francisco-Fresno, University of Maryland, University of Southern California Los Angeles, University of Miami and Emory University.

Patient selection: penetrating carotid trauma, excluding isolated external carotid injuries


Risk factors for stroke and/or death:

(1) low Glasgow coma score on admission (mean for study was 9 +/- 5)

(2) completion angiography

(3) higher ISS (mean for study 22 +/- 13)


Clinical findings in patients with complications include:

(1) hypotension (systolic blood pressure < 100 mm Hg)

(2) initial acidosis (mean 7.17 vs 7.31)

(3) hard signs of vascular injury

(4) need for operational repair


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