Morris et al identified risk factors for an elevated regurgitant jet velocity at the tricuspid valve (TV) in a patient with thalassemia. An elevated regurgitant jet velocity may be associated with pulmonary hypertension. The authors are from multiple hospitals in the United States, Canada and England participating in the Thalassemia Clinical Research Network.


Patient selection: thalassemia, 97% transfusion dependent


Method of Assessment: Doppler echocardiography


Criteria for elevated regurgitant jet velocity at tricuspid valve: >= 2.5 m/s


Risk factors for an elevated (TV) regurgitant jet velocity:

(1) history of splenectomy, with risk increasing with time since splenectomy

(2) older age (age >= 30 years)

(3) history of viral hepatitis C

(4) smoking

(5) elevated white blood cell count


A tricuspid valve regurgitant jet velocity >= 2.5 m/s may be at risk for pulmonary hypertension. The risk increases when the regurgitant jet velocity is >= 3.0 m/s.


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