Mine et al identified risk factors associated with the dumping syndrome following a gastrectomy performed for gastric carcinoma. The authors are from Toranomon Hospital, National Cancer Center Hospital, University of Tokyo, Cancer Institute Hospital, Shiga University of Medical Science and Sayama Hospital in Japan.


The early dumping syndrome occurs within 30 minutes after eating, while the late dumping syndrome occurs 2-3 hours after eating.


Risk factors for both early and late dumping syndromes:

(1) total gastrectomy with Roux-en Y reconstruction

(2) weight loss after surgery >= 10% (which could relate to the dumping)


Additional risk factors for early dumping:

(1) age < 60 years


Additional risk factors for late dumping:

(1) female gender


The lowest rate of dumping was seen with the pylorus-preserving gastrectomy.


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