Migita et al identified risk factors for surgical site infection (SSI) following an elective gastrectomy. This can help to identify a patient who may benefit from meticulous surgical technique. The authors are from Nara Medical University in Japan.

Patient selection: elective gastroectomy (96% for gastric cancer)


Outcome: surgical site infection


All patients received intravenous prophylactic antibiotics prior to surgery.


Risk factors for superficial (incisional) SSI:

(1) female gender

(2) allogenic blood transfusion (number of units not specified; autologous blood not described)


The number of deep incisional SSI was too small to analyze.


Risk factors for organ space SSI:

(1) male gender

(2) corticosteroid therapy

(3) total gastrectomy

(4) duration of operation >= 300 minutes

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