Meeks et al identified risk factors for a urine leak developing after a partial nephrectomy for a renal neoplasm. The authors are from Northwestern University in Chicago.


Patient selection: partial nephrectomy


A urine leak was defined as

(1) the presence of urine output from the surgical drain

(2) presence > 48 hours after surgery


Risk factors for a urine leak:

(1) large tumor

(2) endophytic tumor (less than 40% of the tumor is located on the kidney surface on preoperative imaging studies)

(3) repair of the collecting system during surgery


In the presence of a urine leak older age was associated with prolonged urine leak (> 30 days).



(1) The median duration of a urine leak was 3 weeks (20 days).

(2) Many resolve without intervention.

(3) Some require replacement of a ureteral stent or other intervention.


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