Masoomi et al identified factors associated with early bowel obstruction following colorectal surgery. These can help to identify patients who may benefit from more aggressive management. The authors are from


Patient selection: colorectal surgery


Early bowel obstruction = bowel obstruction within 30 days of surgery


Factors associated with an increased risk for early bowel obstruction:

(1) Crohn's disease (OR 12.3)

(2) diverticulitis or diverticulosis (OR 1.5)

(3) malignant tumor (OR 1.8)

(4) emergency admission (OR 2.5)


Factors associated with a reduced risk for early bowel obstruction:

(1) total colectomy (OR 0.6)

(2) benign tumor resection (0.4)



• The risk associated with diverticulitis/diverticulosis depends on the extent of inflammation present. A ruptured diverticular abscess should be associated with an increased risk for obstruction. This situation may be covered by the emergency category.

• A patient with a total colectomy would have less to obstruct.

• The extent of the malignant tumor would impact the risk of early obstruction. A small tumor in a polyp should have a low risk for obstruction.

• Penetrating trauma was listed as a variable in the tables.


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