Lapostolle et al identified risk factors for hypothermia in a trauma patient. Hypothermia may be associated with a number of complications and is best avoided if possible. The authors are from multiple trauma centers in France.


Outcome: hypothermia (< 35°C) on hospital admission of an adult trauma victim > 18 years old


Risk factors for hypothermia:

(1) Revised Trauma Score < 11 (maximum 12 ideal, incorporates Glasgow Coma Score)

(2) orotracheal intubation

(3) infusion of unwarmed resuscitation fluids

(4) chilled at the trauma scene (wet, wind, little or no clothing, etc)

(5) cold temperatures with low temperature in the ambulance

(6) severe head injury


Hypothermia upon arrival is more likely if several risk factors are present or if any of the risk factors is significant.


Carefully warming, keeping the victim warm and infusing properly heated resuscitation fluids can reduce hypothermia.


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