Knudson et al evaluated risk factors associated with mortality in geriatric patients undergoing blunt trauma. This can help identify patients who may require more aggressive management and closer monitoring. The authors are from the University of California at San Francisco, Vanderbilt University and the University of Maryland.


Parameters on admission:

(1) age of the patient

(2) gender of the patient

(3) total ISS (injury severity score)

(4) Trauma score (TS)

(5) systolic blood pressure

(6) respiratory rate

(7) Glasgow coma score

(8) mechanism of injury

(9) organs injured



Findings Associated with Mortality

age of the patient

>= 75 years of age



total ISS

>= 16

Trauma Score

< 7

systolic blood pressure

< 90 mm Hg

respiratory rate

< 10 breaths per minute

Glasgow coma score

GCS = 3

mechanism of injury

falls, pedestrian injury

organs injured

brain, chest and/or abdomen


The Trauma Score is based on:

(1) respiratory rate

(2) respiratory expansion

(3) systolic blood pressure

(4) capillary return

(5) Glasgow Coma Score (GCS)

A Trauma Score < 7 requires a low systolic blood pressure, Glasgow coma score and respiratory rate. In the implementation I will use the individual components rather than the Trauma Score.


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