Kim et al identified risk factors for wake-up stroke (WUS). The authors are from Seoul National University, Asian Medical Center, Korea University Guro Hospital, Bucheon St. Mary's Hospital and Memorial Hermann of Texas Medical Center.

Wake-up stroke is defined as neurological symptoms first noted upon awakening.


Risk factors:

(1) nocturnal oxygen desaturation (odds ratio 2.9)

(2) hyperlipidemia (odds ratio 1.8)


Nocturnal oxygen desaturation was defined as >= 5 oxygen desaturation events per hour (total number of events divided by time interval in hours). An oxygen desaturation event was when the oxygen saturation in percent minus baseline oxygen saturation >= 3%.


The nocturnal oxygen desaturation may be associated with sleep-disordered breathing. The use of continuous positive airway pressure may protect against nocturnal oxygen desaturation and therefore may help to prevent WUS.

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