Jadoul et al identified risk factors for fracture following a fall in hemodialysis patients. These can help identify patients who can be targeted for therapy. The authors are from multiple universities in Europe, the United States and Japan and participated in the Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study.


Patient selection: hemodialysis patient



(1) new hip fracture

(2) any new fracture


Types of risk factors:

(1) increased risk of falls

(2) increased risk of osteoporosis

(3) increased risk of osteomalacia


Risk factors:

(1) older age (age >= 55, with further increase if >= 75)

(2) female gender

(3) history of renal transplant

(4) low serum albumin

(5) high parathyroid hormone level (> 900 pg/mL, secondary hyperparathyroidism)

(6) narcotic medications

(7) benzodiazepines

(8) selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI)

(9) corticosteroids

(10) history of previous fracture



• The more risk factors that are present, the greater the risk for a fracture after a fall.

• Some risk factors are modifiable, primarily medications and control of hyperparathyroidism.

• Some patients may benefit from drugs to reverse osteoporosis.


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