Ishino et al identified risk factors for postoperative complications following laparoscopy-assisted gastrectomy. The authors are from Mie University in Tsu, Japan.

Patient selection: laparoscopy-assisted gastrectomy for gastric cancer


Outcome: post-operative complications


Risk factors for postoperative complications by multivariate analysis:

(1) preoperative C-reactive protein concentration >= 0.5 mg/dL

(2) operative blood loss >= 1% of body weight (also associated with anastomotic leakage)


Blood loss may not be measured by weight. The density of whole blood is 1.055 but this value would be affected by anemia and dilution of suctioned fluids by saline.


A 1% body weight of whole blood corresponds to:


volume of whole blood in mL =

=  (0.009479 * (body weight in grams)) = (9.479 * (body weight in kilograms))


Proximal or total gastectomies were associated with severe complications.


Additional factors associated with a poor prognosis:

(1) age >= 70 years

(2) EPASS score >= 0.2

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