Iakovou et al identified risk factors associated with thrombosis of drug-eluting stent. These can help identify a patient who may require closer monitoring to prevent complications. The authors are from multiple hospitals in Milan, Italy, and Siegburg, Germany.


Risk factors for thrombosis:

(1) premature discontinuation of antiplatelet therapy

(2) renal failure

(3) lesions at an arterial bifurcation

(4) diabetes

(5) low left ventricular ejection fraction


Premature discontinuation of antiplatelet therapy had the highest hazard ratio (90 with 95% CI 30 to 270).


Renal failure, bifurcation lesions and diabetes had hazard ratios from 3.7 to 6.5.


hazard ratio for reduced LVEF =

= 1.09 * (100 - (percent LVEF as whole number)


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