Henderson and Joseph reported a number of risk factors associated with driver-attempted suicide. The authors are from the Royal North Shore Hospital and University of Sydney in Australia.


Risk factors associated with the driver:

(1) male

(2) young adult (24 to 34 years of age)

(3) alcohol present or history of misuse

(3) recent psychosocial stress (domestic, job-related, other)

(4) depression or other mental disorder

(5) history of a previous suicide attempt (including a single vehicle car accident)

(6) impulsive

(7) low stress tolerance


Risk factors associated with the type of accident:

(1) single vehicle (involving a tree, pole or bridge support) or into a large truck

(2) absence of skid marks or evidence that there was a loss of control

(3) head-on collision (driven right into whatever was hit)

(4) seat belt not being worn

(5) single occupant crash


The authors estimate that 1 in 15 (6%) of vehicular accidents are attempted suicide.


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