Glans et al reported risk factors for hospital readmission for an older adult. These can help to identify a patient who may benefit from more aggressive follow-up. The authors are from Lund University and multiple offices for Skane County in Sweden.

Patient selection: older adult >= 65 years of age, discharged from the hospital


Outcome: 30-day readmission


Risk factors for readmission:

(1) poor health, with high Charlson Comorbidity Index

(2) polypharmacy (>= 10 medications, OR 1.7)

(3) living in the community AND home care (OR 1.6)


Other factors contributing to readmission:

(1) length of hospital stay>= 5 days (OR 1.7)

(2) being discharged on a Friday or on day before a holiday (OR 1.9)

(3) on general surgical ward (OR 2.1)

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