Girkin et al identified risk factors associated with post-traumatic glaucoma following ocular contusion. These can help to identify patients who may benefit from more aggressive management. The authors are from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Outcome: glaucoma at 6 months following the contusion


Pre-test probability of developing glaucoma: 3.39%


Risk factors for developing glaucoma by 6 months:

(1) age in years (odds ratio 1.02 per year; the odds ratio at 35 years is 2)

(2) a visual acuity worse than 20/200 (odds ratio 1.9)

(3) injury to the lens (odds ratio 1.9)

(4) development of a hyphema (odds ratio 2.2)

(5) presence of angle recession (odds ratio 1.7)



• Iris injury is listed in the abstract as a factor associated with reduced risk, but the p value was 0.46.


The risk of glaucoma increases with the number of risk factors present.


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