Severe traumatic head injury may complicated by early hyperthermia. Geffroy et al identified factors which can help to identify a patient who may be at increased risk for hyperthermia. The authors are from Beaujon Hospital and Universite Xavier Bichat Paris 7.


Patient selection: adult with severe traumatic head injury


Early hyperthermia is >= 1 recording of body temperature > 38.5°C within the first 2 days after admission.


Risk factors for early hyperthermia:

(1) admission white blood cell count > 14,500 per µL (> 14.5 * 10^9/L)

(2) admission body temperature > 36°C

(3) failure to give prophylactic acetaminophen (intravenous infusion, maximum dose 4 grams per day).


Early hyperthermia is associated with a worse outcome and more severe disability.


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