Erickson et al identified risk factors which can help to identify an adolescent female who is at risk for dating violence. These factors correlate with risk-taking behavior, which may extend to the choice of dating partner. The authors are from Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago.


Subjects: adolescent females 15 to 21 years of age coming to an Emergency Department


Risk factors for experiencing violence during a date:

(1) history of drinking alcohol

(2) history of fighting with peers

(3) history of riding in a car with a partner who was drinking alcohol or using drugs

(4) history of sexually transmitted disease (STD)



• A personal history of using drugs would be another risk-taking behavior.


Many of the females affected by dating violence:

(1) felt unsafe, either in the current relationship or with a former dating partner.

(2) had been physically hurt in the past


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