Egreteau et al identified risk factors for chronic oxygen dependency in infants born with a gestational age of 23 to 31 weeks. These can help identify premature infants who may be at increased risk for significant pulmonary complications. The authors are from the Collaborative Northern and Eastern France Study Group of Neonatal Intensive Care Units.


Risk factors for chronic oxygen dependency at 42 weeks after conception:

(1) prematurity (risk increases with the decreasing gestational age at delivery, with the risk very high if born at 23-25 weeks gestation)

(2) presence of intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR)

(3) CRIB (Clinical Risk Index in Babies) score >= 6 (risk high if >= 11)

(4) use of surfactant


The question is how to use this data clinically. In the implementation a birth at 23-25 weeks was assigned very high risk, a CRIB score >= 11 high risk, and moderate risk with the other risk factors.


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