Edakubo and Fushimi studied patients with anorexia nervosa who died in an acute care hospital. They identified a number of factors which can help to identify a patient at increased risk. The authors are from Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

Patient selection: anorexia nervosa, >= 12 years of age


Outcome: in-hospital mortality


Risk factors for mortality from multivariate logistic regression:

(1) male sex (OR 2.2)

(2) older age at first hospital admission (OR 1.1)

(3) lower ratio for body weight to ideal body weight (thinness index, OR 0.9)

(4) hypotension requiring a vasopressor/catecholamine (OR 8.7)

(5) Charlson comorbidity index (OR 1.2)


Treatment in a university hospital was associated with a lower risk of mortality (OR 0.45).


The mortality for a patient admitted for the first time as an adolescent was low and rose with age, especially after 50. A first admission at an age >= 80 was associated with a 16% mortality rate.


The refeeding syndrome needs to be considered when resuscitating the patient.

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