Dewi et al identified risk factors for acute kidney injury following emergency laparotomy. Acute kidney injury at 48 hours after emergency laparotomy is a strong predictor of mortality. The authors are from Wales Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education Deanery and University Hospital Wales.

Patient selection: emergency laparotomy


Outcome: acute kidney injury (AKI)


Preoperative risk factors for AKI:

(1) older age (mean 69.7 years)

(2) elevated serum lactate (>= 2 mmol/L)

(3) chronic kidney disease

(4) higher white blood cell count (use >= 14,000 per µL for implementation)

(5) lower preoperative systolic blood pressure (median 120.5 mm Hg)

(6) tachycardia (use > 100 beats per minute for the implementation)

(7) ASA 3 or 4

(8) higher P-POSSUM


Aggressive management may be able to avoid the acute kidney injury, thereby improving survival.

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