Delgado et al identified risk factors associated with early neurologic deterioration and death following intracerebral hemorrhage. The authors are from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain.


Risk factors for early neurologic deterioration:

(1) elevated D-dimer > 1,900 ng/mL (odds ratio 4.5)

(2) systolic blood pressure > 182 mm Hg (odds ratio 6.8)


Risk factors for mortality:

(1) elevated D-dimer > 1,900 ng/mL (odds ratio 8.8)

(2) intracerebral hemorrhage volume > 30 mL (odds ratio 19)



• The presence of pulmonary embolism or other causes of an elevated D-dimer could cause a false positive interpretation.

• The choice of the d-dimer test performed would affect the best cutoff..

• One of the d-dimer tests in the study was the AutoDimerTest (AGEN, Brisbane, Australia) with a reference range for healthy patients of 360 +/- 670 ng/mL.

• The authors also used the VIDAS d-dimer test (Biomerieux, Lyon, France) with a reference range of 68 to 490 ng/mL.


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