del Olmo et al identified risk factors associated with complications in a patient with cirrhosis who undergoes nonhepatic surgery. This can help identify a patient who may be at significant risk for postoperative morbidity or mortality. The authors are from the Hospital Clinico Universitario in Valencia, Spain.


Patients with cirrhosis when compared to noncirrhotic patients are:

(1) almost twice as likely to have a complication (any type)

(2) 4-5 times more likely to die within the 30 days after surgery


Risk factors for complications in multivariate analysis:

(1) Child-Pugh grade B or C

(2) intra-operative blood transfusion


Risk factors for mortality in multivariate analysis:

(1) Child-Pugh grade B or C

(2) duration of surgery

(3) general postoperative complications (pneumonia, exacerbation of COPD, congestive heart failure, urinary tract infection, paralytic ileus, thrombophlebitis)


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