Di Landro et al evaluated women with adult female acne (AFA). They identified lifestyle factors that may impact the severity of the acne. The authors are from multiple hospitals in Italy and Switzerland participating in the Dermatology Acute Study Group.

Adult female acne (AFA) is the presence of acne after the age of 25 years in a woman.



(1) persistent: continuation of adolescent acne

(2) late onset: starts after the age of 25 years


Risk factors:

(1) history of acne in parents

(2) history of acne in siblings

(3) history of acne during adolescence

(4) no history of pregnancy

(5) hirsutism

(6) working in an office

(7) high psychological stress

(8) <= 3 days per week with fruits or vegetables in diet

(9) <= 3 days per week with fresh fish in diet



• A high intake of fresh fish might be protective.

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