Corbo et al identified risk factors associated with snoring in children who are from the ages of 9 to 15 years old. The authors are from the Catholic University of Rome and the Agency for Public Health in the Latium Region of central Italy.


Risk factors for snoring:

(1) being overweight or obese (body mass index > 90%ile for age)

(2) nasal disorder

(2a) deviation of the nasal septum

(2b) nasal obstruction

(2c) rhinitis

(3) markedly enlarged tonsils


Associated findings:

(1) otitis

(2) mild increased in hemoglobin

(3) history of adenoidectomy without tonsillectomy

(4) crowded living conditions

(5) parental smoking in the home

(6) obstructive sleep apnea


A child with 2 or more risk factors is at higher risk for being an habitual (frequent) snorer


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