Chiulli et al identified risk factors for failure to rescue (FTR) following a perioperative adverse event. These can help to identify a patient who may require more aggressive management or who should not be considered for surgery in the first place. The authors are from Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital in Providence.


Patient selection: perioperative patient


Outcome: failure to rescue (FTR) following an adverse event


Preoperative comorbid conditions associated with increased risk for FTR:

(1) congestive heart failure

(2) renal failure

(3) ascites (which may often be a manifestation of cirrhosis)

(4) disseminated cancer


Perioperative complications and end-organ failures associated with increased risk for mortality:

(1) respiratory failure with unplanned intubation and ventilation for > 48 hours

(2) sepsis

(3) renal failure


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