Bernecker et al evaluated soldiers who attempted suicide after denying suicidal ideation. They identified risk factors that may be able to identify a soldier who could benefit from an intervention. The authors are from multiple institutions in the United States.

Patient selection: soldier who denies suicidal ideation


Life stressors that may precede a suicide attempt:

(1) exposure to traumatic event (sexual assault, combat exposure, other)

(2) divorce or death of loved one or problem with romantic relationship

(3) being jailed

(4) financial problems

(5) traumatic brain injury

(6) problems in social support


Risk factors from first-stage multivariate model:

(1) racial or ethnic minority (OR 2.8)

(2) age in decades (OR 0.4)

(3) first generation (OR 2.5; born outside US or both parents born outside US)

(4) number of prior deployments (OR 1.5)

(5) HADS composite predicted suicide score (OR 2.0)


Risk factors from second-stage multivariate model:

(1) any lifetime mental disorder (OR 3.5)

(2) ever bullied by unit (OR 2.2)

(3) ever responsible for death of an enemy (OR 3.1)

(4) ever spent time in jail (OR 6.8)

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