Certain clinical findings may help identify a woman at risk for postpartum depression (PPD). The patient may benefit from closer monitoring for mood disorder and early intervention. The author is from the University of Connecticut School of Nursing.


Factors related to previous emotional disorders:

(1) history of previous depression

(2) history of previous anxiety disorder

(3) prenatal depression

(4) prenatal anxiety

(5) depression following delivery (maternity blues)


Factors affecting coping and support resources:

(1) low or poor self-esteem

(2) unplanned or unwanted pregnancy

(3) poor marital relationship, or single marital status

(4) low socioeconomic status

(5) significant co-existing life stress

(6) low or poor social support


Factors associated with caring for the infant:

(1) stress associated with child care

(2) difficult infant temperament


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