Damage to the pudendal nerve may be followed by pudendal neuralgia.


Mechanism of pudendal nerve injury:

(1) stretching

(2) compression against bone

(3) blunt trauma

(4) transection

(5) fibrosis

(6) ischemia


Risk factors:

(1) pelvic surgery

(2) pelvic infection, including schistosomiasis and tuberculosis

(3) chronic constipation or rectal disease

(4) sacro-iliac joint dysfunction

(5) falls on the sacrum or coccyx

(6) prolonged sitting

(7) bicycling, horseback riding or other seated activities

(8) gymnastics

(9) squatting with excessive weight

(10) pelvic trauma


Problems specific to women:

(1) endometriosis

(2) difficult pregnancy


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