Aussy et al reported risk factors for treatment failure for a patient with scabies. The authors are from University of Rouen Normandie.

Patient selection: infection with scabies in an outpatient


Frequency of treatment failure: 33%


Risk factors from multivariate analysis:

(1) use of a single dose of oral ivermectin (vs 2 or more; OR 6.6)

(2) use of topical benzyl benzoate alone (OR 3.5)

(3) failure to decontaminate furnishings (sofa, cushions, mattresses, car seats, etc with acaricides (OR 5.8)

(4) > 1 month between symptom onset (pruritis) and scabies treatment (OR 3.0)

(5) other known cases of scabies in the patient's "entourage" (OR 2.1)



Additional factors from the univariate analysis:

(1) intake of oral ivermectin with a meal (vs on an empty stomach)

(2) no written documents explaining treatment

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