De Mello et al identified risk factors associated with development of a healthcare-associated infection (HAI) in a patient in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). The authors are from Professor Fernando Figueira Institute of Mother and Child, Federal University of Pernambuco, theAggeu Magalhaes Center for Research and the University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Sites of healthcare-associated infections included:

(1) bloodstream

(2) surgical site

(3) pneumonia

(4) gastrointestinal tract

(5) urinary tract

(6) head and neck (eyes, ears, nose, throat)


Risk factors for the first onset of an HAI:

(1) age of the patient < 24 months (OR 1.8)

(2) number of days on the ventilator (OR 1.16, presumably per day)

(3) tranfusion of blood products (OR 1.5)

(4) therapy with glucocorticoids (OR 1.5)

(5) therapy with H2-blockers (OR 1.5)



• It is assumed that the risk associated with blood product transfusion was binary rather than per product transfused.

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